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What is Single Session Therapy (SST)?

Single Session Therapy is very much what it says on the tin. It is a single therapy session encapsulated in the 50-minute time slot. It is a dedicated space where a client generally comes to the session with a specific issue or subject they wish to work through with their therapist. It doesn’t have to be the only session that the client will have with the therapist but each session is generally “stand alone” compared with a client who is having a set of sessions or ongoing long term therapy.

The work tends to have a purpose and that is ideally to help the client in one session. This often leads to the work being more solution focused and the client is encouraged to prepare for the session. The client can access further support if needed, whether that is having further Single Sessions or moving to a block of sessions if the work needs longer term support.

The client enters SST with the knowledge that this is a single session of support.

For further information on SST please see the following link from the BACP website.