Domiciliary or Home Based Counselling

Want someone to talk to but anxious about meeting a therapist in an office?

It takes a lot of bravery and courage to get yourself to a place where you identify that counselling may be needed/beneficial for you. The next step is getting over the hurdle of making initial contact and then the daunting prospect of meeting in an unfamiliar place to experience a completely unfamiliar situation as counselling. It takes a building of trust to allow a therapeutic relationship to form and we feel that this can be best achieved for some within their own home. Therefore BrainHub are passionate about supporting and promoting a domiciliary counselling service, where we come to you.

We feel in experience that individuals can feel more relaxed within their own familiar and safe environment of home. As exploring your inner thoughts and feelings can be daunting and demanding enough. We want to ease any anxiety wherever possible. We cover the Cornwall area and take the added stress away from having to drive to appointments. We can provide a 50 minute session of counselling from the comfort of your living room, making therapy as accessible to as many people as we can. Some people prefer to start off sessions this way before moving onto meeting in a mutual place such as a park or coffee shop to complete sessions. Or once the relationship is established a phone counselling session may be appropriate. We are always happy to also allocate a private office space for any client who wants a more traditional approach to our work. We acknowledge that home isn’t always a safe environment or may not always be a private space. We have an established list of rooms that we can hire across Cornwall to be able to support these sessions also. The service is completely adaptable and tailored to your individual needs. Let’s work together to find what works best for you.
domiciliary counselling cornwall