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COVID-19 An update on key workers

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NHS COVID-19 OFFER from BrainHub CPW for NHS Staff and Keyworkers

Harriet and Phil hugely appreciate the hard work, effort and risk that NHS staff and Keyworkers are putting in to ensure that as many people as possible are looked after during this pandemic. We also are aware of the stress and strains that this difficult time can put on their Mental Health.
Therefore we would like to offer all NHS staff and Key workers their initial 30 min session to discuss how we can help for free, followed by all sessions booked following on at a 25% discount. These sessions can be conducted over the phone or using our online service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today, if you feel that you would benefit from having someone to talk to!

Our contact details are: Www.brainhubcpw.com admin@brainhubcpw.com

Harriet: 07928781807 Phil: 07379116533
Note. Harriet herself works within the NHS so has limited availability but will contact you as soon as possible.

T&C: The above offer only applies to Phone counselling or online using Whatsapp or Zoom video calling or messaging. We are not a crisis service and sessions will need to be by appointment, although we will be as flexible as possible. If in immediate need of support there are a range of options that you can contact. The discounted offer only applies to those that the Government have said fall in to the Key Worker Bracket and NHS and Educational Support workers and their families. Phil has both training and experience of working with Under 18s and is happy to work with Children and young people if required.