Fees for Online and Face to Face Counselling

Fees: Phil Brain

Initial meeting


30 minute session

  • Can be booked in blocks

Walk and Talk


50 minute session

  • Can be booked in blocks

Phone Counselling


50 minute session

  • Can be booked in blocks

Webcam / Facetime


50 minute session

  • Can be booked in blocks

Instant Messenger


50 minute session

  • Can be booked in blocks

Blocks of 8 sessions can be booked and paid for in one go, and will receive a 5% discount on payment.

As stated in the client contract payments should be made via bank transfer or Paypal prior to your session. *

Cancellations need to be made 48 hours in advance (unless in exceptional circumstances) or full charges will be incurred for the missed session.

*If electronic payment is not possible please discuss this with your counsellor on assessment and they will try to come to an agreement with you on an alternative method.

If you have ever experienced face to face counselling in the past, you will probably find that Online counselling is an extremely different experience. The lack of visual and auditory cues can result in mis-understandings between client and counsellor.

Therefore, it is hugely important to ensure that if you are unsure of what is being asked or said that you feel comfortable to tell your counsellor or to ask for further explanation. The more you ask the counsellor to explain the less opportunity there is for miscommunication.

We ask for an alternative method of communication (Phone number) when using IM or Email counselling so if there is any technical problems which result in communication having to be ceased we can contact you/you can contact us to inform of the problem and either continue the session over the phone, or book an alternative date and time for the session.

IM and Email therapy is not recommended for clients who have a complex mental health issue or for those who are experiencing suicidal ideation or are in crisis. If you feel that you are at a crisis point contacting your GP urgently or going to the closest A & E is recommended. Alternatively, there are some helpful links at the bottom of this page that you can contact.

Please be aware that IM sessions are only available when pre-booked and between the hours your counsellor sets out during your initial discussions. We are not a crisis team and we can’t respond outside of the booked times.

It is important to note, that whilst BrainHubCPW offers counselling to Under 18’s we do not offer either IM or Email counselling to clients that are Under 18. There are services available for example Kooth who can offer online counselling to Under 18’s in some areas.

It can be more convenient for people, it may be easier to schedule in a session around a busy life than having to travel to meet a counsellor, or, have a counsellor come to you.

It is easy to access and can be used by those who can’t leave the house or travel any distance but would prefer not to have a domiciliary session.

It can feel easier for people who are awkward about sitting with someone and talking. Often this can be used as a steppingstone on the journey through therapy and build confidence and trust.

Appointment times can be more flexible and easier to arrange. It may potentially shorten the waiting time to see a counsellor.

Sometimes it is easier for people to write down their feelings, experiences and beliefs than to say them out loud. IM or Email counselling offers this opportunity which in some cases will make it easier for the client to “talk”.

As stated above, we do not currently offer either IM or Email Counselling to Under 18’s although we are happy to offer our other Counselling services to clients under the age of 18.

Clients that we already work with in one of the more traditional counselling methods can request as a one off, or for other reasons to have either an IM or Email counselling session. This is at the discretion of counsellor who can decide if it is suitable.

Clients who wish to start with either IM or Email counselling are required to complete the self-referral form completely, BrainHubCPW counsellors will then assess suitability for the requested form of counselling. We will also need to ensure that the appropriate technology is available, and the client is technologically literate for the form of counselling requested.

Another key point for the client to be aware of, is that on suspicion of illegal or terrorist activity the UK police force can request access to an email account. If the email provider grants access to the police, then confidentiality is not guaranteed.

IM counselling offers real time responses and is more akin to a traditional face to face counselling and the client will have a set period to be able to talk. Receiving responses through out the session from the counsellor can make this form of counselling suitable particularly for those who want that synchronized element of traditional face to face counselling.

Email counselling will have a more delayed response. We will endeavour to reply to emails within 48 Business hours of receiving them. Unless previously discussed with your Counsellor (eg Counsellor is on holiday). This form of counselling provides the opportunity for the client to take more time over writing what they want to say and to take time to think deeply about the reply they receive and over the future communications. Since there is no pre-booked session, payment for the email response will be required on receipt of the client’s email. We would normally suggest one or two emails per week, but this can be discussed and tailored to each individual client’s needs. This will be explained carefully during your assessment.

We would recommend to our clients that for either option they set up a safe account, specifically for talking to your counsellor, we would also recommend using an encrypted service. This can also be discussed with your counsellor on assessment.

We also recommend that when using either of these counselling options you try to be in a private space to help ensure your confidentiality.

Initially you should either complete the self-referral form on this website, stating that you would like to look at the option of IM or Email Counselling. Alternatively, you can contact us via email: admin@brainhubcpw.com

One of Phil or Harriet will then contact you at a mutually agreed time to complete the initial assessment. Once the assessment is completed, we will either agree to start working together in which case an appointment for your first IM session will be arranged or a start date for the first email communication will be agreed. If at your assessment it is deemed that IM or Email counselling is not suitable for the specific individual, we will endeavour to find an alternative option for help.

If deemed appropriate an electronic copy of our Client Contract will be emailed to the client and we would need an electronic signature or confirmation in writing and dated that the client agrees to the contract before we can begin working with them.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are ready and available for their IM sessions, late cancellations or “Did Not Attend” (DNA) for an appointment will incur charges (as stated in the client contract) that will require payment before your counselling relationship can continue.

If you have any general enquiries or questions regarding these forms of counselling please feel free to email us on admin@brainhubcpw.com and we will endeavour to respond within 48 business hours to your enquiry.

You are over the age of 18

You do not experience suicidal ideation and if you were to you are aware that you may need emergency support and intervention that this service can not offer.

If BrainHubCPW does not believe you are suitable for these forms of counselling methods, you are aware that other support maybe required. BrainHubCPW, will where possible, help to find this support for you.

You have read and signed/agreed in writing that you are happy with the client contract and accept all terms and conditions there within. These include but are not limited to a 48 hour notice of cancellation of appointment, understand that there are times where we may need to break confidentiality, specifically, any disclosure of harm to self or other, vulnerable children or adults being at risk or disclosure of Terrorism or Drug Trafficking.

Understanding that due to the use of IM or Email messaging UK police can request and be granted access to email or instant messaging accounts.

That you understand and are committed to your therapy. Counselling works best when conducted on a regular basis allowing the relationship between the client and counsellor to develop.

That you are competent with using which ever form of counselling medium being used and that you will provide us with a working telephone number to be able to contact you should there be a technological problem.

You agree that in the case of an emergency you give permission for the counsellor to contact your GP. (Details of which are requested on your assessment form.)

You are aware that your counsellor attends regular supervision with a qualified supervisor in line with their code of ethics.